What We Do

FIELDACTIONS, a service of AXYZ3, proudly provides action and team portrait photography for all of your sporting events. Based in Southern California, we cover all of the major sports; football, baseball, soccer, basketball, marathons and much more. These events include all skill levels, starting from little league to professional. If there's action on the field, we'll capture it.

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How Much

  Description Rate
  • *Team/Player Picture Day
    - To keep costs down, no mobile bleachers will be provided. Must use existing stadium seating or playing field.
  • *Game Coverage (per game)
    - Rate includes games located within the Southern California region (LA, OC, Riverside & SD Counties).  Coverage outside the area will require additional travel fees, @ $1/mile
  • Photo Prints

    *Includes all photos, available for download via online service.

    How We Create

    We utilize some of the most advanced software and technologies in the coverage of your events:

    • Canon Full-frame Camera Bodies
    • Canon L-series Lens
    • Stabilization Rigs
    • Drone UAV for Aerial Coverages
    • Zoom H6 Multi-track Field Audio Recorder
    • Multiple State-of-the-Art Edit Bays
    • Adobe CC 2014 Master Suite

    Who We Serve

    We pride ourselves in catering to everyone; from little leagues all the way to professional.

    When We Work

    There's no concept of "work hours" here. To put it simply, we start when you say "Go" and stop at the successful completion of your event.

    Contact Us

    p: 424.201.0808
    e: photo@fieldactions.com